Another Sydney Casino

James Packer, the mogul and king of the casino business in Australia is looking to further his credentials by applying for another casino to be built right in the heart of Sydney. This is a unique and interesting move that will take the casino approval process into new territory so it will be interesting to see if Packer succeeds.

Packer has said that his move to launch another land based casino in Sydney is not driven by money, but actually to do something special. In a recent interview Packer said:

“I spent a lot of time in casinos as a kid with my dad, and I ended up thinking, f***, this must be a good business,”

“My dad was a lot smarter than I am and a lot more successful than I’ll ever be, but he got his adrenalin rushes from going to a casino.

“That’s the customer that we want. And there are a lot people out there who can afford it, and who you’re selling adrenalin to, and they’re happy to pay for that experience.”

“This is more than just about money for me,”

“I am a great believer in Sydney, this country has been incredibly kind to my family, this city has been incredibly kind to my family.

“My dad was a larger-than-life figure and I think this is my chance to do something, you know, that is special.”

The debate is out on whether the government will agree to Packers plans and there is a great deal of debate among the people with some for the casino and others against. What we do know is that James Packer is a tenacious man who will continue to strive in his goal of achieving his “something special” in the heart of Sydney as a way of feeling he has made his father proud.