Aussie Millions

At southern hemisphere the biggest tournament of poker is Aussie Millions, which is played annually at Crown-Casino Complex, in Melbourne, Australia. Crown casino is famous as the largest casino of Australia that provides isolated room for poker. The competitors for the tournament are selected from around the world. To provide the maximum coverage of this fantastic event, it is broadcasted on Fox Sports Net.

The poker game was introduced at Crown Casino in June 1997 and just after one year; they organized a foremost event of live championship in July 1998. This was the $1000 buy-in Limit Hold’em tournament and the event was termed as the Australian Poker championship. It was the centre of focus for the enthusiasts of poker, with the attraction level of 74 players as competitors for a prize of $74000 cash.

After few years, in 2001 the event shifted to January and it was renamed as the Crown Australian Poker Championship, and it become renowned as the “Aussie Millions” event. The buy-in Limit for this year event was raised to $5,000 and 40 players were competing for a prize of $200,000. The event gain maximum popularity, as more Australians were attracted towards the poker, especially to the Texas Hold’em. Then in 2003, the number of competitors increased to 122 for a prize of $1.2m.

The aussie-million tournament kept on enhancing both in fame as well as prize amount. In 2005, the number of competitors was 263 each of the participant paid $10,000, so that they can play for No Limit Hold’em. This event was having the biggest prize amount that was ever given in the southern hemisphere, of $2,630,000. More than half of the players for this tournament came from Norway, Denmark, Holland, Canada, Italy, USA, New Zealand, England, Ireland, Sweden and Lebanon.

The next year, in 2006, the number of participants increased to 418 with a buy-in of $10,000. Participants for this year came from around the world for a tremendous prize of &4 million. The online coverage of final tournament of Aussie Million was live telecasted.

Championship for 2007 was held on 14th of January, while the final took place on 9th January, 2008 with a buy-in of $10,500 the number of players was 747 almost the double of previous year. This time the competition was for the prize of $7,470,000 and other prizes ranging from $10,500 to $1,500,000 are given to the top 80 players.

The recent aussie millions tournament was held on 20th January, 2008 with the buy-in of $10,500. This time the number of participants were not much different from the last year, 780 players enrolled for the tournament for a prize of $7,800,000 other prizes similar to the last year were also given to the top 80 players.

Aussie Millions - The Biggest Poker Tournament Downunder