Aussies are the biggest gamblers

Aussie moneyWhen we look at the world and wonder how much others gamble, but the truth is that we should be looking at ourselves as the Aussies are the biggest gamblers worldwide.

The United States holds the crown for the most amount spent annually on gambling, but this doesn’t make it the biggest gambling nation because they also have hundreds of millions more residents that Australia.

It seems when it comes to gambling, its almost in our genes as we simply cannot refuse a good pokie. So the question is “How did Australia become the biggest gambling nation per capita?” Today we will give you some interesting information to answer this very intriguing question.

The extent of Aussie gambling is actually very large, in fact they say that gambling money spent equates to an average of $1144 for every resident that lives in Australia, extremely costly you must agree.

Organisations in Australia say that the extent of the money punters are spending is actually made up of 40% of people with gambling problems. Interestingly NZ is actually the fourth highest gambling nation and their government says problem gambling only accounts for 0.3%. The answer is hard to fathom, but we can only think that the organisations are actually incorrect about the fact that 40% of gamblers are problem gambler.

We don’t make light of problem gambling, however to say 40% of us gamblers are problem gamblers seems quite excessive. If you think about how many people are in the casino at any one time, they are saying that for every ten people, four of them will be problem gamblers.

Now we know we top the bill as the biggest casino punters, there is also another news worthy note to mention. We are also some of the biggest losers too by having the biggest difference between winning and winnings.