Barangaroo up in flames

We have all heard of the Barangaroo development in Sydney, why would we not have heard of it, after all it will house a massive casino complex for us to enjoy! The whole Barangaroo development will include housing and a retail hub, but it is the casino complex that many will be enticed by so the fact that a HUGE fire has raged in the complex could possibly dismay many if it impacts the delivery of the casino complex on time.

The fire raged through the Barangaroo complex and was so bad that by 7pm, the heat emitted was said to be around 1100 degrees. The fire started earlier in the day and by 2pm an army of Firefighters were on hand to try and beat the fire back. It has taken a great many hours, but it looks like the Firefighter’s are starting to win the battle, but there are safety concerns as one large crane has already started to look like it will collapse.

The fire has started to reduce down and the central point has reduced in temperature from 1100 degrees down to a more manageable 45 degrees. The firefighting team have been able to get down in the basement where the fire started recently and this has helped to take control of the flames and started to dampen the areas that were on fire.

The Fire department stated: “For the very first time now we’ve actually been able to put fire crews into that basement to aggressively attack the fire at the seat,”

This is a dangerous situation at Barangaroo and we thought it prudent to let you know that the fire was raging away but the heroics of the fire department have saved lives and possible even saved the future of a new casino.