BetFair moving into TV Betting

BetFair is a big name in Australia and it is about to get even bigger as the betting company moves in to the TV betting world through an innovative agreement signed with Two Way Limited, an Australian media and gambling applications firm.

The agreement is a three year contract that will develop and deliver a brand new sportbetting television service that us Australians can enjoy when not playing on a home computer. In fact this new service will still be an online affair but is mainly geared to the latest generations of Televisions that already have internet supported. This means you can carry out online sportsbetting while watching your favourite sports game on the television.

The company Two Way who is developing the software for BetFair has been very vocal about how great this will be for BetFair customers and how happy BetFair has been with the arrangement, but we are still waiting for BetFair to openly come out and talk about their new acqusition. The belief is BetFair is keeping tight lipped as they don’t want fellow competitors trying to muscle in on the action of their latest venture, a venture which is sure to cement their name in the hearts of Australians who love sports and enjoy having a flutter.

The CRO of Two Way, Ben Reichel said of the agreement:

“Television sportsbetting is an exciting new initiative in the Australian marketplace,”

“Our television wagering service on racing events is popular with punters and also offers high standards of integrity and commitment to responsible wagering.

“Betfair has repeatedly demonstrated its commitment to innovation and its understanding of the opportunities offered by new media and technology. We look forward to working with it.”

With this latest addition to the BetFair brand it is no reason many think BetFair is the best sportsbetting company in Australia.