BrainChip Launches Casino Technology to Spot Bad Dealers

BrainChip’s Peter van der Made presents the SNAP technology board

A software development company just created technology to reveal bad casino dealers.

ASX-listed BrainChip has developed a Spiking Neuron Adaptive Processor (SNAP). The latest technology is able to evolve independently and associates data. It’s actually similar to how the human brain processes streams of information.

BrainChip calls it software “Game Outcome”, which recognises cards that are played, game rules, winning hands, and the appropriate payouts. It could recognise the cards but determining the table game winner is subjective.

BrainChip Shares Increase

BrainChip saw its shares recently soar as it announced a deal to allocate machine learning security technology or it’s commercial name Game Outcome to a popular casino in Las Vegas. It’s astounding that shares have doubled in a single day and is trending at $0.242 at the moment.

“Security is one of the highest priorities for casino operators and we have been able to show that our system is highly effective in protecting the integrity of table games,” says BrainChip founder Peter van der Made.

Industry analysts estimate that BrainChip’s Game Outcome can make casinos save up to $35 million per casino. The world has more than 2,000 casinos and counting. BrainChip’s recent deal states that it will be paid monthly for every table where Game Outcome is installed.

According consultancy firm Markets&Markets, the market for CMS or Casino Management Systems will grow at a 15.4% a year from 2013 to 2018 to hit $US4.53 billion. This will include areas such as surveillance software and security systems.

BrainChip’s SNAP Technoloy Transcends Casino Software

There’s more to SNAP other than being a bad dealer spotter. It has applications for smartphones, drones, and self-driving cars. This technology suggests that it can evolve into an artificial lifeform.

“It is able to process hundred million input events per second, which it evaluates autonomously enabling it to learn and classify patterns by itself,” says Foster Stockbroking.

Foster Stockbroking reports that the SNAP technology is comprised of digital circuitry which can simulate the functionality of biological neural cells. In English, it’s a dozen times quicker than super computers but less energy-consuming.

What do you think of BrainChip’s Game Outcome software? Will it make casino table games easier or harder to play?