Building a Poker Strategy

poker cardsBuilding a poker strategy is an important and integral part in building oneself as a poker player. The be a poker player of substance a strategy is key so therefore we today lay bare some of the different poker strategies people employ to win big money.

Well we won’t build a big intro on this one, so read on!


Deception works in two ways, the first being that you have a brilliant hand but choose to try your deception so others think your hand is weak. This is to give others false confidence and make them up their wagers so you win more.

The alternate is to have a poor hand but wager big in a confident manner in a hope others fold and you win by default with a poor hand. This is a difficult trick to pull off but giving the right false signals can really help.


Many people do not realise that being last in the line of play is actually a bonus as you have sight of everyone elses body language to support the decisions you will make, therefore placing yourself as the last hand actually gives you an added benefit.

Aggressive play and passive play

This supports deception and is a way of giving the view you have a strong or weak hand by the manner in which you place bets.

Loose play and tight play

This is an interesting one. Loose play is playing your hand no matter how strong or weak it is, whilst tight play on the other hand is only playing when you have a good hand. If you pick up on a tight player then you can watch and know that if they are playing they have a good hand.


These are just a few ideas on what to watch out for when playing poker and also what you can put into practise yourself to help win your hands.