Canberra Casino

Camberra CasinoCanberra casino is positioned in civic, the middle of Canberra city which is the Australian capital. This is the foremost casino in the city; it was started on 29th July 1994. A temporary casino was already present in the city at National Conventional Centre which was founded in 1992.

Canberra casino is the only casino of the city and one of the most enjoyable spot. It is relatively small as compared to other Australian casinos with 47 table games and it is only licensed for table games. It cannot operate the poker machines that are mostly available in other casinos of Australia. The casino management tried to get permit from the government for poker machines, but it failed to do so. Because the Canberra’s club industry was having the fear to lose their revenue that they were getting from their poker machines, so they created hurdles for the casino.

The total area of casino is 38736 square feet, for its area it is the largest casino of Australian Capital Territory. The casino provides full amusement and ensures that the customer can have a pleasant time over there. It won’t be wrong to say that Canberra casino is the heart of the city. It provides a dynamic variety of leisure and offers remarkable gaming experience.

As the casino is placed in the east of Canberra Central business district, and is obliquely in front of conventional center, many conventioneers keep on visiting the casino and you can expect to meet one during your visit to the Canberra casino.

Many people do not realize the true beauty and importance of Canberra city and they do not realize what a pleasant time they can have in Canberra casino. This casino has often served as host to many great politicians coming around the world. Due to this reason the casino has a royal environment on the whole and every customer is treated like a VIP. The customers get incredible memories from there experience of Canberra casino.

The Canberra casino games that are offered at casino are Pai Gow, Sic-Bo, Mini-Baccarat, Rapid Roulette, Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat and Money Wheel. The casino has a variation in betting rate so that every visitor can enjoy the charm of gambling in their own style and convenience. The cost of bet in table game starts at a low rate of $2. This small amount gives an opportunity to everyone to enjoy the grand gambling. Tournaments are also held at Canberra casino for the professionals of gambling, they can test their skills through these tournaments. The details of such tournaments are easily available over internet in their website.

The dress code is very simple as compared to other casinos of Australia. You should wear any casual dress in the day time, but from 7 pm onwards the management requires the customers to wear neat and clean dress, but does not require any specific costume. The management of the casino has