Casino Crime Gang Busted

We reported that Crown Melbourne was hit by a clever heist to rob them of over thirty million Dollars a few days ago, but now we can tell you that the Police have been on the offensive to tell criminals that the casinos are not a place to ply their trade.

Crown Melbourne Casino was hit by a very technical scam in which the cameras were taken over so the criminals could watch the cards on a table as an associate played eight hands and win the swathes of huge cash payouts. This crime ring was busted not long after with the player who was at the forefront being found to be staying at the casino itself after the event!

Now the Police have taken everything a step further by spearheading the “Operation Volante” to break crime rings associated with casino crime. This operation was started back in April last year and culminated in a sting operation where they arrest twenty seven individuals across Sydney and Melbourne in the past week.

As part of the operation a haul of $4 million dollars, jewellery, clothing, cars and drugs were found along with $600,000 in casino chips that were taken from casinos.

The operation is far from over according to Police sources with the Police saying:

This investigation was about following the money trails, removing the wealth and cutting off distribution networks in Australia and internationally.”

“This investigation is not over,”

“It continues across Australia and internationally and further arrests will be made.”

The recent events at Melbourne Casino has meant that the Australian Police are working harder than ever to ensure that Casino crime doesn’t pay for those that try to work outside the law to make themselves rich. We will report more on these recent events as and when we know more.