Casino Promotions lure us all

Aussie DollarPromotions are big business in the internet casino world; in fact you could say we are all out on the hunt for a great promotion that delivers big free cash bonuses.

Casinos have consistently thrown big promotions at us to draw us to joining their internet casinos. The problem is that many of these promotions are not as great as they seem, so why do we still fall for them hook, line and sinker?

The answer is that if someone waves four figure sums in front of your face you will simply take it and neglect to see what is required to keep it, it is for this reason we talk about what promotions to look out for.

Promotions are Huge Freebies

Whilst the casino promotion seems a huge freebie, what many of us neglect to look into is the terms and conditions associated with the promotions. These terms and conditions end up tying us into the casino or see us losing every cent of our promotion without any reward. How does the casino achieve this we hear you cry!

Many of the big cash promotions you see seem too good to be true as you are handed four figure amounts for free. The reason for this is that the larger the promotion, the larger the wager play through that is required through the terms and conditions. Some of the promotions require you to play through the promotion freebie up to 30 times to claim the money, this means playing through $30,000 if you are given $1,000 to take any money at all.

Keep it small

The key to the promotions is to go for the small offerings. The ones that offer $25 or $50 with little to no play through requirements so you really get to keep what you win. These are the true casino promotions that are worth their weight in money.