Crown Casino bans two players

Ranked among the most prestigious tournaments in the world is the Aussie Millions tournament and is the largest we have in Australia. This being said it appears that some players just cant help themselves by trying to cheat and when you hear the story of how the players did this you will be quite surprised at the brazenness of it all.

As many of us know the huge Aussie Millions tournament is held at the Crown Casino. The current series saw the start of this year’s series saw a smaller three day event where two hundred and seventy four players playing with $1,000, this is where the cheating began.

What happened was that on the first day a player’s luck struck out and he was eliminated from the tournament, but interestingly he was then seen later playing in the same tournament after being eliminated.

It was an interesting turn of events that made this happen. A friend of the eliminated player had been playing in the tournament too and had managed to make it through to the next round on the following day, but found he could not attend the next day. What the friend did was pass his chips to the already eliminated player to play in his place, which is what, happened.

With the cheating being found both players were disqualified from the Aussie Millions tournaments and further more Crown Casino has banned them from playing at their casinos for a yet unknown period of time.

Over the rest of January up until the 22nd January the Aussie Millions tournament will be in full flow and will finish with the grand finale of the $100,000 Challenge. Crown Casino is proud to host this illustrious and massive tournament  that brings players together from all over the world.