Crown Casino Looking to Perth

Perth is seen as a pivotal area for casino operations expansion by Crown Casino. The chairman James Packer has been looking at the business and feels Perth is an area of Australia where the company can expand and grow.

The feeling is that with the Asian market increasing rapidly, more and more from Asia are going overseas to enjoy a wager or two at the casinos. Perth is in the same timezone as many Asian countries and is only a stones throw away on a plane, this makes it an ideal base for casino operations.

There is a feeling that a Perth casino will not only benefit Crown casino, but also the people as tourism from Asia increases.

James Packer said of the idea:

“While Sydney has always been Australia’s gateway for international tourists, Crown’s investment in Perth provides us with an opportunity to make Perth an equally important gateway into Australia,”

“The cake is only going to get bigger, with enough pieces for all of us,”

Casino operations are heavily guarded in Australia due to legislation making it difficult to expand, this means that the government may wish to thoroughly review the possibility of Crowns proposition. This is of course if Crown actually put the proposition forward.

The people of Australia also love to wager and offering Perth a casino outlet for the people may be seen as great to some, but there may also be some push back from those who do not agree with the casino market.

Either way, we are watching with anticipation to see exactly what happens with Crown casino and Perth, after all the impact to Perths economy through such a move could be brilliant, Crown Casino would also benefit handsomely too, along with the government who would get more tax revenues.