Crown Casino making redundancies

We know that the country is in a sort of financial turmoil just like the rest of the world, but we never expected to see a major casino shedding jobs. That’s right, it has come to our attention that in a week where ANZ and Ford have shed jobs, Crown Casino have added themselves to this list.

Crown Casino is one of the heavy weights in the casino world and a big employer in the Victoria region of the country. To many this recent news is pretty much shocking as no one anticipated that Crown Casino would end up in this situation.

The revelation that Crown Casino is shedding a few jobs is something that has astounded the people of Victoria and made them sit up and take note that even the biggest of companies can be hit in the current economic times.

Crown Casino has decided to shed 50 jobs in its office functions. This move is one that will see fifty people lose employment, but what we do not know is whether this is due to a downturn in profits or is simply down to not needing these workers any more.

Leanne Shingles of the Finance Sector Union has said:

“Well it’s certainly disappointing and shocking, but I guess in some ways we’re not surprised,”

We all know Crown Casino sits at the top of the casino food chain in Australia and the fact that they are openly losing fifty employees should make many sit up and take note. We don’t know whether this could see other casinos lose staff, but what we do know is that Crown Casino seems to still be making money so we are unsure on what has caused this action to take place.

Victoria is watching to see what happens next.