Crown Casino Pokie Coup

Many of you may not know but Victoria’s gambling regulator has strict quotas on the amount of pokies a state can have, this quota being a limit of twenty seven thousand five hundred pokies in pubs and clubs and two thousand five hundred in casinos.

While the Victorian commission gambling regulator is ordering other venues to remove a number of pokies by the end of the year to ensure the quota is adhered to, they have also agreed for Crown Casino to install 200 new automated gambling machines.

It seems the commission has approved the extra gambling machines for Crown Casino as table games rather than pokies; this comes even though the fact is that they are classed as pokies elsewhere.

This unique twist of events means that Crown Casino could expand its pokies beyond its limit of 2500 machines under the new ruling.

How can this be?

There are subtle differences between pokies and fully automated table games; they may look the same but according to the commission they are not.

An example is the game called ”Vegas Star Roulette” which has been approved as a gaming machine or table game rather than a pokie. The difference is that the game takes a slightly different format and takes slightly longer to spin.

This coup that Crown Casino has achieved means it can start looking to build its arsenal of games in the casino by bringing in more table games that are not classed as pokies and thus do not carry a limit quota.

Crown Casino is extremely happy with their new and interesting games, even if there are huge question marks by some people about how this has been achieved.

With huge numbers of people visiting the iconic Crown Casino on a daily and weekly basis it seems these new games will add to the atmosphere and ambience of this great casino.