Crown Casino Pushing the poker card

Crown Casino has been ruffling the feathers of many people in the Australian major events calendar as Crown Casino is trying to place its annual Aussie Millions poker tournament on the events calendar.

Crown Casino has already started planning their submission to become part of the Victoria annual events calendar and the submission has been seen by many as a formality.

There are two big reasons why it is expected that a cabinet sub-committee will approve the annual Aussie Millions poker tournament being part of the annual events calendar.

The first reason is that Crown Casino has just raised the purse for the first prize winner to a staggering $2.5 million. This figure makes Crown Casino’s Aussie Millions poker tournament the second largest paying major event in Australia after the Melbourne Cup and Crown Casino expect to beat Melbourne Cup in the amount paid out in the next two years.

The second reason is the amount of revenue the event brings to Victoria every year. Every tournament generates over eight thousand hotel bookings from people across the globe descending on Victoria. These same people then spend millions in shops, bars and restaurants in Victoria during their stay which really supports the local economy.

The third and final reason that the tournament is expected to get the seal of approval is that Crown Casino is not looking to ask the government for funding or subsidies from the State Government’s $83 million major events cap.

As with anything Crown Casino does have a small hearts and minds campaign to carry as there is a small number of people who are against the idea because of the tournaments gambling connotations.

If Crown Casino can manage to achieve the prestigious title of having its annual Aussie Millions poker tournament on the Victoria major events calendar then the casino is sure to be proud of its achievement, and so it should be.