Crown Melbourne Hit by Heist

Oceans Eleven was a big film when it was released, the storyline may not be a unique one but the way in which it was carried out in the film was certain to catch the eye. Well now it seems that the Oceans Eleven style plot has become a reality for an Australian casino.

The Herald Sun has reported that a highly technical scam was performed at the Crown Melbourne Casino, one that has seen it lose in the region of $32 to $34 million through the scam itself. The scam happened as the surveillance system at the casino was hacked for a short period of time without the staff knowing. A foreign high roller known for spending big and losing then entered the casino and played eight high value hands and left. It took a while before the casino noticed the issue that the money was taken through deception. The problem was that by the time Crown Melbourne has realised, the money had already gone.

In an interesting twist, the gambler in question was actually staying at a villa in the Crown Towers and was still there when the casino cottoned on to the fraud. When this occurred the casino sent their staff to the villa and removed the player from the premises, barring him from ever playing there again.

It is said that the casino is confident on recouping a large quantity of the money lost, but how much of this is not known. What we do wonder is why the player did not get arrested by the police for fraudulent activity, but this is something between the casino and the police to discuss.

Crown Melbourne has said:

“Crown’s surveillance department recently reported concerns over a sophisticated betting scam. A Crown investigation is underway and is ongoing,”