Drug Mules in Aussie Casinos

There has been increasing evidence in recent times that casino gamblers are increasing being used as drug mules to feed their habit. The NSW Police seem to be the police force to have uncovered the action and from the reports it seems that this is a wider spread way of working than first thought.

The action started after the Star Casino in New South Wales reported a Chinese man in his early twenties to the police after he blew over eighty million dollars in a ten month period. This amount of money lost in such a short time would really alarm any casino, but when it is a young twenty something man from China not known as a local multi millionaire, it raises even more.

The Police took the call from the casino seriously and started looking into the individual to find that he had links to a crime network across Asia, this crime network are renowned for offering short term loans with 200% interest rates to problem gamblers.

The gang used this action as a lure to get gamblers to work for them to pay off the debts they soon started to mount up. The debt was to work as a drub mule bringing ephedrine into Australia from Asia.

Six people were arrested because of the investigation and the young man at the centre of the scandal had his student visa cancelled.

The Police said: “People borrowing money from strangers at high interest rates need to be aware of the risk they are placing themselves and their family members in,”

It just goes to show that ordinary people get easily get caught up with crime gangs if they do not keep control of themselves and their finances. Make sure you keep an eye out and never accept short term loans from unreputable sources.