Ever Wanted to Ditch the Pokies

pokieWe Aussies have an affinity with the pokies, it seems to run through our veins. For this reason you may wonder why we are asking whether you ever wanted to ditch the pokies. Well its an interesting question and its posed because a friend of this site said this very term whilst in a casino recently.

To be honest the comment was said in frustration and with a little jest included, the reason was because he was playing a highly enjoyable Aristocrat number but found he was not getting anywhere and his funds were dwindling fast.

Whilst there was frustration and jest in the comment, it got us thinking about whether other readers of Aussie Casinos ever have this thought and if so what do they do about it.

Ditch the pokies

Ditching the pokies is easier said and done, not because of any pokie addiction as the government would lead you to believe, but because we love the pokies more than any other casino game. To be truthful however, there is good reason to try your hand at another game now and again because the pokie is the one game where the odds are set and you cant really affect the game too much.

So what games should you try instead?

Well there is Blackjack, Poker, or for those who don’t know the card games too well, there is the Roulette table. Of the three, Blackjack and Poker have the most strategy about them so offer the greatest chance of you having an impact on the game.

This article might be hugely surprising to many, but we are not saying that you should totally ditch the pokies forever, we are saying that you should think of diversifying your game choices now and again with other options such as roulette, poker or blackjack.