March new pokies

Pokies are being released at a fast rate this month, so much so that it is hard to keep up with how many are being released and by who. We have been shocked at the flurry of activity in new game releases and decided we would give you a little flavour of the types of games you can expect to see.

Now, before we embark on this journey together, you need to be aware that there is no one pokie developer who is outshining the rest as they are ALL delivering this month. This is a unique position as usually one developer releases more games than others in a given month.

Tiger Moon Pokie

The latest pokier to be released is the Tiger Moon pokie by Microgaming. Now we all know about how great Microgaming is and the wonders they deliver game wise, but this latest instalment will still surprise you.

Tiger Moon is a 243 pay line affair that is based in the Orient, Japan to be precise as you are catapulted into an interesting time where ethnic clothing is the norm and the ways of the Samurai were likely to still have been followed.

This game is not only interesting, it is also thought provoking and offers a great chance to win some hard cash.

Girls with Guns

Another Microgaming release, Girls with Guns is certainly going to reach out to every hot bloodied male out there interested in a quality game with skimpy clothed beautiful ladies included. These Girls with Guns are in the jungle with their heavy artillery and because of the temperatures the clothing seen leaves little to the imagination. On top of this you will get to enjoy huge game play.

March is only a few days in so we expect there will be loads more games delivered.