Microgaming Go Launched

Mobile gaming has become huge business. With the invention of smart phones it was only a matter of time before casino gaming become more convenient so you can play on the go. With people always striving for the latest in convenience it is of no surprise then that many internet casinos, and the software powerhouses that supply them, are constantly moving forward to deliver a bigger and better mobile casino experience.

Mobile casinos were always held back by the level of software available for smart phones, but with powerful smart phones such as those on HTML5 or Android Air now readily available, we are now entering an advanced phase of mobile casino gaming.

The casino software arena is a huge and profitable one, but it is also an area many do not think about. We always think of the casinos, but very rarely the software developers who give the internet casinos their gaming platforms.

On such software powerhouse is Microgaming, pretty much one of the top casino game developers in the internet casino world. Microgaming has really noticed the consumer hunger for mobile gaming and the gap in the market for an advanced mobile casino platform; in light of this they have worked hard to remedy the issue.

Recently Microgaming has been working away in its development environment solely on the mobile casino market, in this work a new and advanced mobile casino platform has been born. The new platform is called Microgaming Go and it looks set to be the most advanced mobile platform in the current time.

Microgaming Go has just been launched and will only be available on the latest and advanced handsets, such as those on Android Air and HTML5. Those who do have these handsets will get the pinnacle in mobile casino gaming experiences. Microgaming Go promises to deliver crisp graphics, a massive suite of games and more importantly more games being added continually by Microgaming.