New Casino in Queensland

Talk is currently rife of a key player looking to build a massive new casino complex in Queensland, something many are salivating at the idea of, whilst a few are not too keen.

The story is that Tony Fung, a Billionaire from Hong Kong, has seen Queensland as the place to build the mother of all casino complex areas. This complex will dwarf most casino complex worldwide and would truly put Queensland on the map as the place to go for casino game time.

The idea for this huge casino complex is one that will create a sprawling metropolis along the beach in Cairns. The complex will come complete with a Macau-style casino, a massive aquarium, golf course, villas and five quality hotels and more. The overall cost of the complex looks to be around the $3 billion mark, but with the location and facilities it is said would be included you know it will become a huge holiday attraction.

Justin Fung, a relative and fellow member of Tony Fungs company said:

“[We are] assessing a range of potential tourism and leisure development opportunities for the site”

“We look forward to engaging with all stakeholders to ensure any development is sympathetic to the site and the region and provides a much-needed boost to the Queensland tourism industry,”

We don’t know how far the discussions have gone with the government to see if the idea could possibly come to fruition, but this is one hell of a casino business idea. The idea could end up creating a world renowned casino complex that will bring tourism from across the Globe to Queensland.

Tony Fung is well known for having a great business mind and if he thinks a casino complex of this magnitude can come to life then it must be true.