Online Gambling in Australia

In this digitalize world where everything is becoming easy to access, the gambling industry also enhanced its technology by introducing the online gambling. Now anyone having a personal computer and internet access can enjoy the enthusiasm of their own casino.

In online gambling, the gambling facility is provided over internet. There are two wide types of online gambling i.e. the one which involves computer oriented games and others are betting games over independently occurring events. The computer oriented games are played via software, these games includes poker, racing, lotteries, lotto & pools, instant scratch tickets, keno, casino, bingo, sports betting and many others.

Australians are famous from ages for their betting zeal, gambling is a main part of their culture. It is said about them that they can even bet on two flies that are climbing up on a wall. There are many online sport betting industry and online lotteries that are running on a large scale in Australia.

The growth of gambling industry in Australia is similar to the enhancements of internet. In 1999, there was only one licensed holder internet casino in Australia and 14 licensed operators, which includes Canbet.con, Capital sports, Centrebet, City index, Davidson Sports betting, GOCORP limited, International All Sports, Lasseters Casino, Megasports (ACT), Network Gaming, OzBet (WA TAB), Sports Odds, NetTAB (NSW TAB) and TAB Qld. Some of these are in gambling industry from many years and due to their experience they earn a good name in the market. The turnover of Canbet Sports in 1998-99 was $47 million and it got doubled till 2000. Lasseters Casino has attracted 16,000 players during April 1999 and November 1999 and earned a turn over of $18 million. In 1998-99 Centerbet was having a turnover of $100 million.

The online gambling sites provide a well developed graphics and sound that give the enjoyment of a real time casino environment. All other activities that are involved in gambling are similar to the real time gambling industry. These online gambling industries provide a high security and privacy to their punters. The new opportunities in the field of gambling raised the Australian state’s revenue. Australian based operations are more successful in gambling industry because of the credibility association with Australian regulation; more gamblers are attracted towards them. Australia has a very good repute in the gambling industry due to its regulations. There are two main types of Australian regulatory models, i.e. for online gambling and for interactive wagering. These models include a set of features that are used for gamblers to ensure secure gambling conditions.

There are some people that even have the opinion that there was already enough of gambling activities going on Australia, which cause burden on some individuals. And there was no need of online gambling industry in Australia.