Online Poker Machines

There are different names for online poker machines in different regions. Poker machine is the name used in Australia; the fruit machine is the name used in the British region while in America slot machine is the word used for poker machine.

This is a game type in casino like black jack etc. The slot machines are actually operated via coins and reels either three or more. The reel spins when the machine lever is pulled. The same type of lever and reels are also available in web based casino; the difference is that players use keyboard keys to operate and credit cards as coins. To verify the currency inserted into the machine a currency detector is added in the machine. The slot machine is also referred as one-armed bandit due to its looks and also because of it s gamer penniless leaving capability. When the machine stops then it monitor the visible patterns printed on the screen and according to that patterns machine pays off.  There are so many variations came in the slot machine programs because of new computer technology. In online casinos 70% of the income came from slot machines; this is the most popular gaming tool used by the gamblers. While the remaining 30% of the revenue in casino machines came from the problem gamblers.

In 1887 the first one-armed bandit was invented by the citizen of USA California, San Francisco named Charles Fey. He had introduced the three spinning reels that have five symbols, hearts, diamonds, spades, horseshoes and liberty bell. Initially there were 10 cards instead of these five symbols, and there was five drums used in this slot machine instead of three reels. Introducing that symbols and reels has reduced the complexity of reading a win and has made the payout mechanism more effective.

There are some basic terminologies used when using slot machines:

  • Bonus is a feature of a game that appears when specific symbols come on screen in winning combination.
  • Candle is a type of light displayed at the top of the slot machine and it turns on when there is need of any change by the operator or if there is any problem in machine.
  • Carousel is slot machine grouping in the form of oval or circle formation.
  • Coin hopper is a place or box where the coins are placed for awarding player immediately. When a player wins a game then coins come out from coin hopper to pay off the player.
  • Credit Meter is for showing the credits or money on the machine on visual LED display.
  • EGM is the short form of the Electronic Gaming Machine.
  • Drop box or drop bucket is the place where the extra coins are transferred from hopper.
  • There are so many different and new terminologies came out with the passage of time.

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