Online Poker Tools: Hand Converters

To analyze the poker games, players or tournaments there are many web-based application or software that are referred as poker tools.

There are some famous online poker tools used mostly by poker players.

Hand Converters: poker hand convertors are the tools used by gamblers; via using hand convertor tool gamblers take hand history files in the form of text. These files are taken from card rooms available on internet and then convert these text files into formats that are easily readable form also suitable for posting on online message boards.

For discussion and analysis the hand convertor is the tool used for played hand showing to other players. The size of the pot in the output will be per blind level, betting round, stack size or seating order; it will all depends on the convertor that is used. On the player’s computer most of the online card rooms save the hands played; this is because player will analyze their performance throughout the game and also can discuss the strategies of poker with other players that are currently playing that game. There are some sites used majorly by gamblers like Party Poker, Poker Stars, Titan Poker and Full Tilt Poker provide the facility of viewing the hand history files. While there are some site like Playtech also provide hand history file but this is not in the form of text file.

The benefit of hand history file is not only that one can analyze their performance in the game and can improve their level next time. The other facility is that one can also have enough statistical information about opponents; not only about opponents that you have played with but also about the opponents that you don’t know. Whether the concluding comprises as cheating based on the card room’s Acceptable Use Policy. Hand history files in raw form are found as shared then this also come in the category of infringement of Acceptable Use Policy or considered as collusion. There are some sites that don’t provide the facility of hand history files but one can manually request via mail for the availability of hand history files.

In 2001, the poker hand history convertor came into the market and named as Poker Stat. In most of the software products and in web-based free online poker tools the same type of functionality is introduced now.

There are some computer programs that play as a human opponent in poker when playing online. These programs are usually referred as poker bots.

Hand grabbers are the tools used online; also known as Data mining tool. This is the tool in which the information of the playing game is recorded and it doesn’t require the player to play the game. The data recorded by data mining tool is usually saved in the form of XML or text file format; and “analyze tool” is then used to parse that XML or Text file.