Online Poker Traffic Changes

poker-cardsOnline poker is a beast in its own right in the present and because of this many have taken note of online poker as its own entity. Until around two years or so ago, online poker was only found at the internet casinos and it wasn’t seen as a huge game when compared to roulette and pokie games.

Today the industry is different with bespoke online poker sites that only offer poker and nothing else; this is because poker has grown in popularity. This popularity has come about because of the advances in poker gaming technology that allow for quicker game play and more realistic gaming opportunities.

Poker Companies vying for you

Poker traffic is booming business and because of this the big poker sites are all out for your business. To do this they offer lucrative sign up bonuses and try to deliver the most eye catching poker gaming options.

In recent times there have been huge shifts in the number of players from one online poker site to another and back again. It seems we are all mercenaries who cannot stay loyal to one poker site and move on the whim of something better elsewhere.

One such site seeing huge increases in traffic is Full Tilt Poker who are seeing double digit growth in player numbers some weeks. This is big for them and means that another online poker site has lost some traffic because of it.

Retaining your business is a problem

The problem many poker sites do have is retaining players. Once the glitz and glamour of the sign up bonus has worn off, its difficult for sites to keep players interested. Sites with tournaments and monthly bonuses fair better than most, but it is the big name poker brands that really succeed as they are able to offer bonuses and promotions that other companies simply cannot compete with.