Play OZ Lotto Powerball to Win Big

Some of you may have been kicking yourself after not buying a ticket for the massive $106.5 million jackpot drawn on the 30th June just a few weeks ago, but do not despair.

The Powerball game for this week may not reach the heights of $106.5 million but the OZ Lotto has guaranteed a jackpot of $50 million to be won this week!

The guaranteed $50 million jackpot on offer this Thursday coming equals the largest ever guaranteed jackpot in the Powerball game, this may never happen again so its important to play.

John Vineburg from the NSW Lotteries that owns the OZ Lotto and Powerball games said “Although the recent OZ Lotto jackpot eluded NSW players, it is possible that a single entry could take out next week’s $50 million Powerball prize, instantly adding the lucky owner to the list of Australia’s richest lottery winners,”

For those that have never played Powerball before now is the time to rush out and buy a potential winning ticket. The ticket has 6 numbers, 5 normal numbers between 1 and 45 and a power ball between 1 and 45. The 5 normal numbers are taken from one machine and the Powerball from another, if you match all six you walk away with the jackpot (or a portion if there is more than one winner).

The next draw for the huge $50 million jackpot is Thursday 23rd July, a day someone will remember for the rest of their life. After rolling over from last Thursdays Powerball the new jackpot of $50 million needs to be won and it could take just one ticket to walk away a multi-millionaire so what are you waiting for, get your entry into the Powerball game today.

Have you ever thought about becoming one of Australia’s richest lottery winners? Well now you have the chance.