Playtech and Microgaming New Pokies

Both Playtech and Microgaming have been very busy this month, to prove this they have both launched brand new pokies onto the internet casino world. Both games are totally different in design and function, but both are sure to be huge successes in their own right.

With new casino games being launched all the time, you may wonder why these are any better than others being launched. To be honest, we thought the same, that was until we got to understand more about these two interesting pokies.


Playtech has plumped for launching a soccer based pokie. Some would say that the ship has sailed on this idea given the Euro championship has finished and the start of the season in the European domestic leagues is a way away. You will find that this is not the case though as Playtech has cleverly changed the format of the pokie to entice many players, some of which may not enjoy soccer.

This game is called Benchwarmer Football Girls, as the name suggests, it is full of beautiful ladies rather than hairy soccer players. There are five beautiful Benchwarmer Football Girls on display and each will give you an interesting pose when you win.


We all love Batman, many love him even more since Christian Bale made him into a dark and broody character in the Dark Knight. Well the Dark Knight is going to be gracing our screens again shortly in The Dark Knight Rises. To support this Microgaming has worked on a Dark Knight Live pokie where you can play as batman whilst trying to uncover symbols such as Bruce Wayne and more.

The pokie is a huge affair with over two hundred and forty ways to win.