Poker Cheating Online

Poker Cheating in general sense is an unfair mean to take benefit in game by one player or by more players. So gamblers also use many unfair means to get more points or money in poker. There are so many ways of cheating can be possible, some gamblers are very sharp and make very new and unique tricks that not any other person can think about.

The most famous poker cheats are stacking the deck or also known as bottom dealing mostly known by SLIGHT-OF-HAND name. The collusion is also a well-known cheating method in poker. Most of the gambler use physical objects to cheat like holdout devices and marked cards are mostly used by gamblers for cheating.

It’s not important that cheating only will happen in casino games it also occurs in friendly games. Only one gambler can do cheating alone and also a group of gamblers or specific teams do cheating in a planned way.

There are specific terms used for the card cheats to categorize them differently:

Card Mechanic: Also known as card sharp; this cheat is referred to slight-of hand handling of cards cheat in a very expert way.

Hand Mucker: Switching of cards cheat in an expert way is referred to hand mucker category.

Paper Player: To make use of marked cards in wrong way.

Machine Player: Poker Cheating in which mechanical holdouts are involved comes in this category.
Base Dealer: To control the card dealing in two linked ways relies on this method; this method is also known as second dealer or bottom dealer.

There is different level of cheating from minimum to expert level. The cheating at minimal level doesn’t need any expertise and not any high abilities of manipulating the cards. The most common and minimum level of cheating includes other gambler’s cards peeking, pot shorting and simply don’t paying house fees. This type of cheating can’t be proved by any other gambler easily; because cheater can easily came out from this problem. He confront from this situation very easily by claiming it as a simple mistake.

The skilled cheat is the hand muck; gambler switches the secretly hidden hand. Moreover gambler can switch the bottom card with middle or second card or second card with middle one. The most used cheat is; when gambler hold the deck and face the index finger at front side; this technique is known as mechanic’s grip.

The most used online poker sites cheating is the bots use. In this human don’t play; it’s the programs that are playing. It’s not important that they are always accurate and always will win. Using them usually violates the online card room rules; so simply it is referred as cheating.