Poker is the Pokie Alternative

clubs_kingWhilst pokies are the huge lure for any Australian, there comes a time where you dream of an alternative to the pokies so you can spice up your internet casino game play. Now there are many internet casino games you can play, but in recent times it seems one other casino game has caught on and many people are flocking to play this game instead.

Out of all the internet casino games available, it is poker that in recent years has climbed the ladder to be seen as one of the top internet casino games to play. This is evident by the fact that poker is the pokie alternative in Australia today.

Why has poker grown in popularity?

Poker is a brilliant game that has been enjoyed for longer than anyone can remember, but there is a reason why its only just become one of the big guns in the internet casino world. The main reason is because advanced in online poker have meant that a game which took forever between hands after folding, now moves at the speed of light.

Well when we say speed of light, we mean at a turbo speed…. hence it’s called Turbo Poker!

Turbo poker allows you to move tables as soon as you fold so you can continue your gaming without the boredom of waiting for others to finish.

Will poker overtake pokies as the game to play?

Well, this is an interesting question; the truth is that we don’t truly know. If our own thoughts are to be believed then we feel that poker will grow even further in stature but that nothing could compete with the wonders of the pokies.

There are too many different types of pokie games and pokies are too well ingrained into the way of Aussie casino game play.