Poker Tournaments in Sydney

Poker game or the poker tournaments are now emerging in Sydney. The trend is set by the launch of APPT (Asia Pacific Poker Tour), this event was held in many cities like Manila (Philippines), Seoul (South Korea), Macau (China) and the Grand Finale was hosted by Start City Casino in Sydney. It continued from 13th to 16th of December. The buy-in for the main event of Grand Finale was $6300 AUD. The biggest players of poker were attracted towards this event and for the first time they visited Sydney.

Sydney hosted many other poker tournaments else than the APPT event. After a month of APPT event another poker tournament, the Poker Million Tour was planed to be hosted in Sydney. This event was formerly scheduled for 7th January 2008 and it supposed to continue till 13th January 2008, with a buy-in of $1000. Then the event was rescheduled, and the event’s new date and reservation details are available on their site. The tickets that were issued are completely refunded to the players. The first prize for this event is $1,000,000, the players for this event are expected to be more than the APPT event and the event will be held in Sydney Conventional Centre.

Sydney has earned popularity due to these big poker tournaments. This encouraged the people of Sydney to come towards poker and as a result many professionals player of poker emerged from Sydney. The beauty of city and the wonderful casinos hosted the poker tournament in a very superior way.

Some local poker tournaments are regularly held at Sydney. These tournaments provide a wonderful platform for practicing your poker skills and to get more information about it. Local poker tournaments of Sydney are equally enjoyable for both the professional players who want to be a champion of World Series of Poker or for ones who want to enjoy poker game as a fun with friends in their free time. Another pleasant advantage of Local Poker Tournament is that they are an excellent choice for the change of pace. These tournaments offer a variety of poker games including, Seven Card Stud, Low Ball, Texas Holdem and it even offer the plain old five card draw, all one need to do is to choose a game of his interest and enjoy the unlimited excitement of poker.

Local Poker Tournaments are not only attractive for the poker players rather they have the same attraction for the spectators. Tournaments reflect the human behavior of the players and other people that are around, so these can be used for learning human behavior by being a part of the game or just by observing the game. The bluffing technique, strategy exploitation, consistently winning techniques or playing the game blindly, all these and many other things can be well observed in local Sydney poker tournaments.