Pokies forever

fruit pokiePokies forever, vive la pokies, its time to sit up and make the government note that we love our pokies. Pokies seem to run through the veins of every Aussie of age, they embody our nights out full of fun, beer and a game on the pokie machines.

There is a feeling in the Australian government that pokies are the vile, problem machines that make people into problem gamblers. We don’t think this is the case, people make themselves into problem gamblers and some choose the pokies as the machine to do this on, other however choose sports betting or the roulette wheel.

Fight the government pokie machine

The government would love to see an end to our pokie fun, so much so that they try at every turn to stop our fun with their crazy pokie reduction schemes. The thing is that we will not let this happen, will we fellow pokie lovers?

No we will not, let us stand together and tell the government of today to back down and let us enjoy our fun. Let’s tell them that if we want to enjoy our pokie gaming, then  they cannot stand in our way. We are grownups who can make our own decisions, people who know right from wrong and can make a choice.

Pokies online

If the government doesn’t heed our choices and continues to move to flatten the countries pokie numbers, then we will simply move further into the online world where they cannot tamper with our enjoyment.

Long may the Aussie pokie reign supreme, the pokie is an institution in this country that the government should revere. We are pokie lovers, an island nation who enjoy its fun times more than any other, so people of Australia, stand up proud and tell the busy bodies of the government that pokies are ours to play.