Queensland to Grow Casino Resorts

Queensland has been looking at building a stronger casino industry in the territory and to do this they have decided to allow more casino resorts. The decision is not just to add more to the Queensland governments revenue, but also seen as a way of attracting more people to the territory and bring more revenue to businesses across the spectrum of business types.

Queensland has sanctioned three more casino resorts and because of this both Australian and foreign companies are scrambling to be involved in the tender process to gain approval for one or more of these resorts.

Asian big spenders are coming to Australia more and more for their casino kicks and this is part of the drive to entice more through offering more casino resorts. As Queensland is a northern territory, they feel they have the edge in developing themselves as the Las Vegas of Australia.

It has been reported that only one percent of the annual $34 billion spent by Asian gamblers is done in Australia.

Queensland has said that nineteen different companies have registered interest to bid in the tender processes, 12 of which are specifically looking at Brisbane central. The biggest company is reported to be Echo Entertainment Group.

Another big name said to be interested is Crown who run casinos across Australia. There have been reports of Chinese companies also trying to get involved in the tender process. If all three go ahead, then Queensland could become the Mecca of casino goers from across Australia and beyond, bringing much needed economic support to the territory and building on the coffers of the government in the region.

Many will be watching to find out what happens with this and whether it will be Aussie or foreign companies that manage to get the contracts.