Ryan Harris Displeasure at Crown Casino Perth

All Aussies love the Cricket, how could we not given we are so damn good at it! Well if you know about cricket then you will know about Australian international Ryan Harris, a good fellow who has recently just help us annihilate those pesky poms.

After beating the poms on Tuesday and ensuring the Ashes returns back to where it belongs, yes English people I do mean Australia, Harris decided a much needed bit of fun entertainment was needed.

So to keep himself amused, Harris went out for a drink and then decided to head on down to Crown Casino in Perth for a fun night on the pokies and tables. The only thing he didn’t count on was the casino staff. Not only did they not give him the Royal treatment, they actually declined him entrance because he had had a drink.

In retaliation Ryan Harris sent out the below tweet:

“A tip for all those heading to Perth! Avoid the crown or the casino! Shit hole. Can’t get in if you have had a drink. #shitplace #dickheads,”

Sure enough the tweet was quickly deleted and he was given entrance to the casino, but not before a great number of people had seen the tweet.

Harris felt bad about the event the next day once he had sobered up and said the following:

“Obviously I made a silly mistake this morning and I tweeted something I probably shouldn’t have,’’ he said.

“It was a silly thing to do – they let me in in the end, so they did the right thing.

“But they have to do their job and they were doing it.

“As I’ve heard many times before, don’t tweet when you’ve had a drink.’’

This shows that even celebs don’t always get the VIP treatment!