Sky City Adelaide

Start City Casino Adelaide Sky City Adelaide is the only casino in the South Australia; it is located in the historic building of railway station of Adelaide. It provides the biggest platform for gaming and entertainment. The aim of this casino is to provide an amusing and exciting environment with a large range of entertainment options and to confirm an exhilarating experience of customers.

The SkyCity Adelaide remains open for 24 hours a day and seven days a week, it only close for Christmas day and Good Friday, whereas the casino opens everyday at 11am and close at 4am. The dress code of casino is to wear such a dress that reflects your age. The dress should be smart, tidy and clean, and the management has the right to allow or restrict the entry of customers. The dress code is designed to help the customer to enjoy themselves to its fullest.

The rules of Sky City Casino Adelaide depict itself as a responsible gaming operator. It is required for the customer to provide either his current Australian driver license or current south Australian age proof or current Australian/international passport to enter the gaming zone. These documents are mandatory for all areas of Sky City Adelaide, there exists a restaurant in North that is designed for all age customers, but still parents are not allowed to leave their kids alone over there.

The total area occupied by the casino is 104425 square feet. There is a variety of games that are played at SkyCity Adelaide; it has 800 slot machines and 70 table games. The games that are played in casino includes American Roulette, Baccarat, Blackjack, Caribbean Stud Poker, Sic bo and many more. Adelaide offers a variety of tournaments, which range from a huge jackpot of $250,000 via Blackjack tournament to a smaller tournament. Two up is offered with a minimum bet of $5 to a maximum bet of $500. The jackpots of car and cash are also offered on progressive slots.

Adelaide SkyCity has initiated some programs that prove them as a responsible host. These programs include the coordination to help out the gambling problems and a proper management of alcohol, especially for the customers that are endangered. Most people play for the sake of fun but at times few of them can create problems. To address with all problems that might occur during gambling the Sky City Adelaide offers ‘self barring’ that help the customer to manage their behavior during gambling.

Sky City Adelaide tries to provide maximum comfort to its customers and to facilitate all sorts of people. It has separate smoking and non smoking gaming areas. After the implementation of Government law for smoking prohibition, the smoking was eliminated from all areas except few, i.e. ground floor beer garden and two open air balconies.

Sky city has an exclusive environment for its VIP guest, the Grange Room is one of such rooms. It is only for the members of casino, they can enjoy both the table games and machine games with their desired privacy. More than 950 pokies machines are there with 185 different games. Sky city is the best place for playing pokies; it has latest machines like Orca, Samurai sunset, Sea Queen and Oriental Beauty. The gaming price ranges from 1 cent to $1. Pokies often lead to Hot Jackpots, so there is a good chance of winning in it.
The table games are easy and best for beginners; the table game staff provides good help. Sky city also offer different packages to its customer, these packages start from $36.