Sky City Darwin

Sky City Darwin is a wonderful casino in the city of Darwin, which is located in the Northern territory of Australia. The casino remains open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. There are three restaurants, a unique coffee shop, various bars, a business center, a conference room and a casino.

The total area of gaming zone in casino is 65,620 square feet, with 550 total gaming slot machines and 28 table games & poker games. The casino has more than 503 slot machines, providing many new games and hot jackpots. The machine slots offer games of 1 cent, 2 cent, 5 cent and $1. There are many variations of games that are offered on these slots, including the games of Jackpot Carnival, Cash Express, and Born to be Wild, Golden Goals, Classic, Monsoon Madness and Dinomight Links. There is an aqua gaming room with underwater theme and 80 new slot machines. This room is non-smoking area for the customer’s convenience. The slot machines have the capability to accept $1 coins to the notes of $5 – 100.

A poker tournament is held on every Thursday offering the prize of $2000. The tournament starts at 1 am and continues till the final match at 8 pm. The coffee and cakes are free of cost on this day from 10 am till 11 am and 3-4 pm.

The Darwin casino table games are offered from noon till 4 am on all weekdays and from noon till 6 am on weekends. The casino has blackjack table games five for $5 – 500 and eight for $10 – 500 betting rate. The other table games that are played in the casino are American Roulette played on 8 tables with the bet rate of $2-50, Caribbean Stud poker played on 4 tables with the bet rate of $ 5-200, Mini-Baccarat played only on one table with the bet rate of $ 25-1000, Poker played on three tables, Sic-Bo played on 1 table with the bet rate of $ 5-500, Super Seven played on 4 tables with the bet rate of $ 5-500 and the Two Up game played on only one table with the bet rate of $ 5-200 ($ refer to the Australian dollars).

The dress code of Darwin Sky Casino is causal and the minimum allowed age in casino is 18. The SkyCity casino has currency exchange that works 24 hours a day and through out the year, this helps in obtaining cash exchange, foreign exchange and cash from traveling checks. The cash cannot be withdrawn from credit cards, due to the government regulation. But to cope with such situation ATM outlets are available near the hotel and Keno area.

The casino provides VIP gaming room called the Exclusive Club Monte Carlo, here Blackjack, Baccarat and Roulette games are offered. The rates of bets are higher in the Exclusive Club Monte Carlo than the casino’s main gaming room. The privacy facility of gaming is available for this area but it is granted on the permission of management. Only the people that are invited to the Exclusive Club Monte Carlo can enter. The casino also offers an exclusive and biggest game called “NT Keno game”, which operates on live ball draws, as this is the only type of Keno available in Australia. the authority to restrict the entry. This casino is elegant and a European styled.