SkyCity casino licence approved

Skycity-logoA revelation in the casino world across Australia has occurred. The game changer is one that SkyCity are sure to be using to their advantage in the short term and will also be enjoying for a long time to come.

We all know about SkyCity and how they are trying to gain a full strangle hold on the casino industry across Australia. Well this is something they certainly look like they are achieving too if the latest news hitting the media is anything to go by.

So what is this big news we hear you cry!

Well, firstly SkyCity have pretty much been cleared to create a new riverside casino complex at a value of $300 million in Adelaide. This is huge as it will deliver a breath taking complex of huge casino proportions.

If this isn’t enough, there was another coup by SkyCity that could be classed as even bigger! SkyCity has had the approval of a 20 year extension to their exclusive casino licence in South Australia. This extension means that SkyCity has the monopoly in the area now until 2035, many more years to come! This extension means that rather than losing the monopoly in only two years, the company has another 22 years of exclusivity.

SkyCity Excited

To achieve the above the state had to amend the Casino Act and by doing so they created even more big wins for SkyCity. The casino is now able to build its slot arsenal by another 1500 and they have also been given the green light to hold another 200 casino tables in the state.

Overall SkyCity must be in huge relief and full of excitement at what they have been given by South Australia, not only have they extended their exclusive licence, they have also been given free rein to expand.