SportingBet brings Grey Hound Racing to the table

Australians love a flutter on anything going, it could be the pokies, soccer, Aussie rules, horseracing or greyhound racing, it doesnt matter. While this is great how many of you know of a betting company actually sponsoring the games it lets you bet on? Not that many, but SportingBet has just completed a deal to sponsor this years Super Stayers Series of Grey Hound racing.

SportingBet is known for supporting all manner of sports and has already been a great support to the Grey Hound racing arena, but this latest move goes beyond the expectations of everyone, including Greyhound Racing New South Wales.

The CEO of SportingBet in Australia, Michael Sullivan, said of the move:

“We have always had a great relationship with Greyhound Racing New South Wales and I am sure this deal will be beneficial for both of us,”

“We have sponsored horseracing in other states but this is our first major venture in greyhound racing. Betting on greyhounds continues to grow at SportingBet Australia with fixed-odds betting proving extremely popular and this deal will give us a much greater presence in the market.
“SportingBet Australia already contributes to greyhound racing through a product fee but this is another way we can give back to the industry.”

With Staying races in decline across New South Wales it is hoped the backing of SportingBet will change this as an organized group of staying races backed by SportingBet will ensure trainers and owners of race Grey Hounds will keep coming to New South Wales for races.

Many see sports betting companies as wishing to only make money through the betting arena, they wouldnt known that these same companies plough alot of time, effort and money into the sports they allow betting on. SportingBet is leading the way for companies that do this as this latest move shows.