Star Casino Refuses Kelly Osbourne

This story is one that you simply could not make up. A celebrity arrives at your casino and is subsequently refused access to the casino floor, something that would put many casinos in to a state of horror.

What we can tell you is that this has happened at Star Casino Sydney. Kelly Osbourne of all people sashayed up to the casino only to find that the security guard asked her for ID and then believed it was fake thus stopping her from going into the casino with her friends.

Sources say that Kelly Osbourne was looking to have a game on the roulette tables with her entourage of friends whilst staying in Australia. Star Casino Sydney was the place Kelly and her friends decided to visit and when they reached the door a security officer called Sam wanted proof of age.

As we all know you need to be 18 to play at the casinos in Australia and Kelly Osbourne is clearly older than 18 years of age at twenty eight years. What we found out is that Sam saw Kelly’s ID and didn’t believe it to be real, why this was we don’t know. It could of been that he didn’t believe that it was Kelly Osbourne, or maybe it was the actual ID itself the security guy didn’t believe.

Either way, we think that Star Casino lost out on a great marketing opportunity with this episode.

Below you can read what Kelly said on Twitter about the episode:

“In disbelief at how rude the security guard ‘Sam’ at the Star casino AU was to me & my friends for NO reason he is a first class [Expletive]!

“All I did was show him my ID to get into the casino he called me a liar & treated me like i was a criminal! “