Star Casino Taxed for Regulation

The state of NSW has actively been looking at ways to generate new revenue streams and it seems that Star Casino is clearly in the local government’s sights.

Star Casino is currently smarting from the fact that it may not hold the position as the only casino in town thus losing its strong hold over the NSW region, but now its going to be even more concerned about the actions of the government.

The government has passed new legislation that will see the government have the ability to charge the casino for the costs of its operations in regulating Star Casino. This is a move that will see the casino charged large amounts for the government.

In defence to the government, they have advised that they $8 million on regulation in the past twelve months. The casino will feel slightly aggrieved however as they paid around $170 million in tax in the past year.

NSW are vigorously searching for new financial avenues and it seems that big companies like Star Casino are firmly on the governments agenda.

George Souris, the NSW Minister for Hospitality stated:

“Under existing arrangements, much of the cost of maintaining the casino regulatory regime in NSW is borne by taxpayers and it is appropriate that the casino bears that cost.

“There is currently no ongoing levy imposed on the casino to assist in meeting the day to day public costs of maintaining this regulatory system ”

Star Casino has not openly said anything about the potential of more payouts to the government and its unlikely they will, however its fairly certain that this will be added expense they simply do not wish to entertain.