Sydney Festival Sponsorship

The Star CasinoThe Sydney festival is a huge event that every one of all ages enjoys, it is a festival that supports the good of the community, gets artists exposure and really gives back to the people. Even with all this in mind, it is still a business venture too and recent media has not been kind to the Sydney festival.

The reason for this is because of the announcement at the end of July about the sponsorship for the 2014 event that will kick off in the New Year. Normally the sponsorship of such an event is not a big deal, but for some reason many have taken an exception to the main sponsor this time round because they are in the gambling industry.

The gambling company is none other than The Star casino complex, a massive casino that has given huge backing to the event. Whilst it may be a casino, some still don’t understand why people are against The Star supporting such an event. It seems that many are against Casinos full stop, even when they are trying to support local events, something the Sydney Festival itself doesn’t really understand as the Executive Director has stated.

Executive Director Christopher Tooher, who runs the Sydney Festival truly feels that The Star Casino is a key third party relationship that is really supporting what they are trying to achieve. Executive Director Christopher Tooher said:

“I think there could be a sensitivity around that and we’re not denying that but I think when people think it through that it’s actually a good alignment,”

“It’s actually showing that this institution is interested in much more than that and about giving back to Sydney by supporting a major cultural event.”

“The Star is very much by making this investment showing it’s much more than gambling,”