Tabcorp Advertisement Recalled Due to Suggestive Excessive Betting

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Australian-based Tabcorp is reported to issue an appeal that involves a broadcast regulator’s ruling regarding its TV commercial.


Popular betting operator Tabcorp has protested a broadcast regulator’s ban to its Tabcorp TV advertisement. The regulator ruling has mentioned that the ad is suggesting excessive gambling activities and wagering. Australia’s Advertising Standards Bureau earlier this month has ruled out that a Tabcorp spot has violated Section 2.8 of the AANA Wagering Advertising and Marketing Communications Code. The section states that “must not portray, condone or encourage excessive participation in wagering activities.”

Tabcorp Commercial Showed Excessive Wagering

The Advertising Standards Bureau has received a number of complaints when the ad aired. The commercial has suggested that the men spend most their time gambling during a weekend then lying to their spouses. Complaints also mentioned that the ad’s message has glorified gambling.

The commercial features a man arriving at home from a vacation. His spouse asks him how the vacation was and a flashback scene shows a camping trip with mates. The “camping trip” showed that they spent the vacation using their smartphones to access the TAB app to study their betting tips and watch live racing feeds. The man says to the woman: “Yeah… loved it.”

Advertisement Shows Hints of Problem Gambling

Tabcorp has shunned allegations that the commercial has featured a problem gambler keeping his gambling activities secret to this family. Tabcorp asserted that the character’s phrase “Yeah… loved it.” contains no suggestive secretive gambling activities from this spouse.

The gambling company intended to promote the wide array of TAB racing products with a humorous approach that Australian punters enjoy. The ad also showed how the race betting has evolved and feature watching the races on smartphones.

The ASB has rejected the statement and said that it has no definition of wagering activity. This has clearly depicted that the characters are reasonably interpreted as being engaged in wagering activities.