The Growth of Poker

poker gameMany may feel that pokies are starting to decline because the love affair in Australia is finishing, but this is not true. However it is very true that poker is growing and some people are using the pokie less because of it.

The growth of poker has been a rapid rise in recent years, it seems that this age old game has become a very fashionable game to enjoy by the masses. We however think there is more to this new love of poker than meets the eye and today we will tell you why this is the case.

The growth of poker

So where to start? Well lets talk about the historical element of poker. Before the invention of our new best friend, the internet, poker was only played in smoky casinos by older gents. This tended to put people off playing because they either didn’t have the confidence to try their hand at playing these old sharks, or they didn’t feel comfortable in the setting of the games.

The internet changed the way that poker is played. Now you can jump on the internet at home or whilst on the move to enjoy a game or two. Whilst the ease of playing has increased, there is also another reason poker gaming has increased in numbers too. This is because people who didn’t have the confidence to try their luck at a game can now do so by playing online where people do not see them. This has been a huge reason for the increased numbers as people feel comfortable having a game on the internet to hone their skills.

Finally, it must be said that poker can be a long game at times, especially if you keep folding, so the advent of speedy poker games has livened up this game even more.