The Randomness of Pokies

pokieWhether it is online or offline, we all wonder about ways to beat the system and ensure we win large, but the truth is that it will never happen. You may wonder how we know this and the answer is because of the random nature of present day pokies.

There is no understandable pattern or any special button to increase the odds, the odds are always stacked in favour of the pokie owner, and so the question stands about how random are pokies!

The Randomness of Pokies

We all see the payout percentages of the internet casinos, these show that they payout 95% to 99% of the money deposited with them back out to winning players. The highest percentages occur on the pokies, but a pokie can never pay out more than what is deposited.

The payout percentage should be listed on an offline pokie somewhere to show its payout percentage, whilst online pokies do not do this.

Whilst playing a pokie, the above doesn’t mean that you will win back say 97% of the money you deposited as it may mean you win a lot more by receiving money from previous players, or it could even mean you win nothing and that future players receive your cash.

Present day pokies work with unique algorithms which mean that no pattern occurs and there are literally millions of different combinations that show up on the reels. This means that your luck will only be in if a pokie has been loaded by someone previously and you are the recipient of their misfortune.

Overall pokies are a game of chance more than anything so it’s about entertainment without the hard work of playing the game like a game of cards. Remember, pokies are random creatures you need to be wary of!