The Roulette Secret

roulette_wheelEveryone is looking for the holy grail of being able to beat the roulette wheel, in fact some think there is a roulette secret where you can beat the wheel every time you play. The truth of the matter is that the roulette game is based on chance with a mix of analysis and statistics thrown in to boot.

We here at Aussie Casinos do love the roulette wheel and are known to get involved in some serious roulette fun when at the land based casinos, because of this we know you cant simply take home the bacon by winning every time. Whilst this is the case, you can however improve your odds of winning, if your willing to take a slightly more measured approach to your gaming and have the financial collateral to back it up.

The Roulette Approach

Now we have your attention, lets talk shop on what we are trying to tell you.

We are not talking some system that will guarantee financial reward, but what we are talking about is reducing the odds to support your potential of winning it big.

Firstly, anyone who has played roulette will know that you have the numbers on the board, but also the outside bets. The outside bets are:

•    Red/Black
•    Odd/Even
•    1st 12, 2nd 12 or 3rd 12
•    Vertical thirds
•    1 to 18 or 19 to 36
•    Zero

Now each of the numbers on the board corresponds to an odd/even, red/black or any of the outside bets too (other than zero). The idea is that you take what you would bet on the numbers inside the board and split the amount in half. Now you put half on the numbers and half on one or more of the outside smaller return bets.

An example is that I could bet RED on the outside for $10 and then put $10 worth of chips on the numbers inside the board, but not all on red numbers. Maybe the numbers could be RED 7, BLACK 10, BLACK 13, RED 16/19, RED 18/21, BLACK 26 and so on.

By doing this you can increase your odds of winning, whilst the win may simply be getting the money back that you started with should RED roll in without a number on the board winning, it allows you to keep playing and possibly win more.