Turbo Poker Delivers

poker cardsA good year or so back a revolution happened in poker that took the world by storm and saw a stampede of people move from other casino games to the poker tables of many internet casinos and poker halls.

Turbo poker is one of the huge advances in casino gaming and technology that has really pushed the boundaries of what people may expect, for this reason we feel it prudent to pay homage to the wonders of turbo poker.

What is Turbo Poker?

For those who do not know about Turbo Poker, it is a fast paced poker game that was developed to help speed up game play and make poker more appealing to the masses.

The problem many had with playing poker online was the fact that if you fold a hand, you end up sitting and waiting for the rest of the players to finish and this could take a bit of time. Turbo Poker removes the wait.

How does Turbo Poker work?

There are a few variations, but they all follow the same model.

Turbo Poker allows players to play in a pool of poker tables, rather than at just one table. This means that if they fold a hand, they can move straight to another table starting a new hand. The upside is that they can continue playing straight away, but generally the downside is that they have to play blind on the first hand.

Some games allow players to be in pools of up to 16 tables, whilst others allow only four tables. Many also allow you to fold before your turn arrive and simply move mid hand, the other players wouldn’t know this until your hand arrives though.

Turbo Poker has been a huge game changer in the poker world and many worldwide love this brilliant fast paced version of the game.