Two New Microgaming Games

Microgaming has just unveiled two new games it will be delivering to internet casinos run on its platform. The two new games are understood to be two huge affairs that will certainly gain a huge following at the internet casinos they can be found at.

Of the new pokies the first is called Hexaline where the conventional 5 reel pokie is out the window and a new and innovative honey comb of hexagons is the order of the day. This new pokie offers a massive and wide ranging ways to win, this is because of the new hexagon order.

If you win on Hexaline the pokie will replace the winning hexagons with new ones.

Microgaming said of this pokie: “an ‘alternative slot’ style game where players aim to complete a colored chain of adjacent hexagons from left to right on the honeycomb grid”.

Multi-Player Premier Roulette – Diamond Edition is the second new game from Microgaming. This new game takes casino playing to a new level as it is a live multi player experience with players having the opportunity of placing bets next to fellow players in a more lifelike environment.

There are three different roulette tables in this Multi-Player Premier Roulette – Diamond Edition, each one has a different preset time for adding bids, these are 20, 40, and 60 second.

One of the greatest things about this new casino game is the fact that you can actually talk with fellow multiplayers and choose an avatar to show who you are while playing.