Victoria spending on pokies down

Back in July the state government of Victoria decided to take the fight to the gambling on the pokies, a fight with regulation rather than picketing or hardnosed attitudes. This fight began with a move many thought would not have an impact.

The fight in question was to cause a ban on ATM machines at gaming venues, a move that many really thought would not have much of an impact. The feeling was that players would simply bring more cash into the casino to begin with and because of this they would spend the same amount without any impact to the casino.

This thought process is not what it seems as players did not do this. In fact the move to ban ATMs was a master stroke for those against problem gambling as it removed a temptation to get more money out when people lost and wanted to continue gaming.

Since July the state of Victoria has seen a huge drop of sixty two million Dollars, this equates to 6.7% less money spent on pokies over the time period. The Gaming Minister, Michael O’Brien said: “We’re really pleased by the fact that, initially at least, the first four months indicate that gamblers are taking this reform to heart,”

Whilst there does not seem to be a huge gambling issues in the state of Victoria, the fact that revenues have dropped so significantly means many people feel the ban on ATM’s is truly having the right results.

There are a few people who have not been happy with this move however. Players who have not got an issue with gambling and simply like to play pokies for fun have been dismayed to find out that they are unable to take money out at the venue when they need a little extra spending money.