What is happening in 2014

fruit pokie2014 promises to be an exceptional year by casino industry standards, it’s a year where many innovations are going to happen and we will see new and interesting types of gaming and games.

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The past three years

The past three years has seen new gaming innovations such as turbo poker and more, but the biggest advance has to be the mobile gaming side of the industry.

There has been a shift by many internet casinos too, those shift has been to alter the way they offer free cash promotions. Once upon a time you could get absolutely thousands for free which sounded great, but you never ever got to cash in on this money because of the terms and conditions expecting huge wager play throughs to get it. The advance was for casinos to offer a lot smaller cash incentives with a small requirement to play through giving you a real opportunity to cash in on the free promotions.

Expectations for 2014 innovation

The main focus of the big companies looks set to continue with the mobile casino gaming world. The mobile casino gaming part of the casino industry is growing rapidly as more and more people are buying smart phones and tablets.

Since its humble beginnings, the mobile casino has grown into a beast of its own as people have a preference of playing on the move to fill their time with the enjoyable activity of playing at the casino. The advances in mobile technology and the reduction in prices has meant that mobile technology has not only become more affordable, it has also become more powerful and capable of handling the internet greatest games.

On top of the below, we can also expect lots of new casino games, the focus of which we will expect to see is the pokies where a huge avalanche of new games will be on offer for us all to enjoy.