What is your Casino Vice

casino chipThe casino is seen as a vice by many, but we don’t particularly see it that way. In fact you could say that the casino is what we see as down time, leisure time, your time to relax and enjoy. For this end it may seem that our article title is out of sync with what this article is about, but hey read on and you may change your mind.

We Australians love our casino games. If you read the press then you will hear that each and every one of us has a pokie addiction which simply isn’t true. Today we want to talk about what our favourite casino games are and what you guys say are YOUR favourite casino games.


Well it would be rude not to start with the pokies, especially given the governments view that we are all addicts to them. The pokies are an integral part of our society, we see them time and again at the bars and this is where we have a punt or two on occasion. The reason pokies are played more than any other casino game is because of their availability, many people who don’t frequent casinos will play them in bars and elsewhere.


Roulette is a big casino game and one you don’t really need to have any casino knowledge about. Its as simple as reds and blacks, odds and evens and choosing your numbers wisely. Many of us will spend hours at the roulette tables enjoying a good session.


A game that has had its resurgence in recent times, in the past few years poker has seen its numbers swell. Part of this has come about from online poker gaming where people have learnt the rules in the online world and have then taken this offline at their local casino.


Another great casino game that is based on cards like poker, Blackjack is seen as the easier of the two to play and because of this you will see people using Blackjack as a starting point before moving on to play poker.