Why do Aussies love Pokies

Any Australian who loves the casinos will be known to be frequenting the pokie floor. It seems to be part of our DNA that when pokies are about, we are like kids in a lolly shop.

Whilst many online and offline casinos goers worldwide love a good game on the pokies, it is us Australians that seem to have a special affection for these cabinet beauties of varying themes and jackpots. It doesn’t matter whether we have a few scents or dollars to burn, we will always like a flutter on the pokies.

This raises the question “Why do Aussies love pokies?”

Well there are many reasons why this is the case, in fact they are too numerous to mention, but we will talk through a few of the big reasons today.

The biggest reason has to be the fact that many big name pokies we see in the casinos lure us with their bright lights and amazing game play. These same games have also found themselves online too which brings us on to the next reason.

The next reason is the fact that our favourite pokie games are available from the comfort of our own homes. There is nothing like being able to play these immense games without leaving our comfortable sofa.

Biggest Reason

Now the biggest reason of them all. We love to gamble and we love to win big, pokies transcend both of these. Its well known that pokies deliver the biggest jackpots in the online and offline casino world. On top of this the wager amount to possibly win so much is low too so anyone has the chance of getting that elusive jackpot.

Now we don’t need to say that pokies are the best because we know you will already be big on playing them, so enjoy playing safe in the knowledge that most of Australia is right with you in this enjoyment.